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Ordering and purchasing services

The advertising and marketing services are ordered by selecting the respective service and filling in the electronic forms. You can pay the ordered services by means of a general pay-in slip (only for the territory of Croatia) or by credit card.

We charge your credit card on the day of your order; the ordered service will be published within the shortest possible time frame. Each order paid by credit card is subject to previous authorization. Order, once that it is sent, can only be canceled within 24 hours. 

We shall notify you about the activation of the ordered service in due course. You can check all data concerning your orders in the portal’s user area “My Palmsbeach1”.

FLAT RATE packages are payable monthly, the first installment being due upon conclusion of the contract or the posting of the order over the Internet form, respectively; the following installments 2 to 12 will be automatically debited via your credit card. Installment purchases are possible for amounts exceeding Kn 1,000.00.

Installment purchases of our services can be effected with the following credit cards:


We offer installment purchases of our services for the following credit cards:
DINERS CLUB up to 2 to 12 installments, minimum purchase of Kuna 1,000.00.
Please contact us over the phone for an authorization of your purchase.
AMERICAN EXPRESS up to 2 to 6 installments, minimum purchase of Kuna 1,000.00 (via the payment systems T-Com and its PayWay you may choose 2-6 installments).

Please contact us over the phone for an authorization of your purchase.

The term of payment is 14 days. The advertiser undertakes to pay the services in accordance with the issued invoice until the maturity date. In case of default, the advertiser is obliged to pay the legally provided interests for default.


The customer will pay for the ordered services via credit card, per remittance or in-payment, depending on the order. The payment shall take place in the Croatian national currency (hrvatska kuna). If you do not have a credit card you can pay with a general pay-in slip before the delivery, if you are domiciled in Croatia. If you need an R1 invoice please notify during your order and specify your tax number (OIB) in the registration and creation of your user profile as well as the company name, address and postal code. Payment via the Internet is possible with the following credit cards:     
All prices are in Kuna. The value-added tax is included in the cited price. In case of material changes in the exchange rate we reserve the right to change the prices. We reserve the right to print errors.
You can also order our services from abroad. The orders are placed via the Online forms. Please contact us in case of uncertainties.
All payments shall be effected in Croatian Kuna, or in Euro, if the advertiser is from a country the official currency of which is EUR.

The amount to be debited from your card is calculated by converting the price from Euro into Croatian Kuna in accordance with the respectively valid foreign exchange list of the Croatian National Bank.

When paying with your credit card, this amount is converted into your local currency in accordance with the respectively valid foreign exchange list of the credit card company. As a result of the conversion of the price, there is the possibility of slight differences in the total amount as compared to the original price specified on our Internet page.


Introspektus d.o.o. and the operators of the portal Palmsbeach1 undertake to protect the personal data of their customers in such a manner that only the personal data of the customers necessary for fulfilling their obligations are collected, and that the purchasers are notified about the purpose of use of the gathered data. All user data are kept strictly confidential and shall only be accessible to our staff members, for whom the data are necessary for the respective transaction. All staff members (of Introspektus d.o.o. and the Internet portal Palmsbeach1 alike) as well as all business partners shall be responsible for the adherence to the provisions regarding the principles of protection of privacy.

The payment with credit cards is processed by our partners T-Com and their PayWay system, which ensures a secure and protected effecting of Internet transactions via credit cards. This mode of payment is recommended by the credit card companies as such (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Amex). This system of billing functions reliably in practice, and according to some research it showed much safer than the classical payment with credit cards in the restaurant or shop. (Introspektus d.o.o. and the Internet  portal Palmsbeach1 do not obtain any data regarding the concrete figures of your credit cards).


Complaints regarding the published advertisement shall only be accepted with a clearly specified reason for the complaint (sent by ordinary mail, facsimile or e-mail), exclusively in writing and no later than three days upon the publication of the advertisement.
In case Palmsbeach1 is responsible for the complaint, the advertiser shall be granted a new publication of the identical advertisement without additional charges. If the error is due to objective limitations typical for the type of medium, or due to a wrong processing of the advertisement as such on the part of the advertiser, the complaint will not be accepted. Complaints shall be dealt with within 8 days.

There is a basic description and a specification for each of the offered services.
An original invoice is sent to the customers later via postal service.

Further conditions

For placing orders for our services the customers have to be at least 18 years of age. The terms of purchase shall be subject to change without prior notice. All confirmed orders will be fulfilled in accordance with the terms valid at the moment of confirmation of the order.

Introspektus d.o.o. reserves the right to refuse the rendering of a service on the basis of the placed order in case the data provided are incomplete and/or incorrect.

New users

In order to become our customer, it is necessary to register with the portal as new user.

The registration process is very simple and takes only the absolute minimum of your personal data.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory.

Your data are needed to ensure that the company Introspektus d.o.o. fully and safely implements the order, deals with the payment and the delivery of the services.

You have the possibility to receive messages (Newsletter) regarding news, services, discounts and other benefits of our portal. Selecting the option Newsletter does not oblige you in any way and you can choose at any time to deregister and be removed from the list of recipients.

All personal data disclosed to us shall be dealt with confidentially and used only in the communication between the staff members of Introspektus d.o.o. and you as our user.

We shall be glad to hear from you:

if you have comments or suggestions – please tell us so that we can optimize our offered services;

if you are interested in a professional cooperation;

if you noticed that there are errors in our webpage, or if you simply want to compliment it.

General terms of purchase

Terms and conditions for advertising on Palmsbeach1 portal

The advertiser guarantees that the provided advertising materials are his property or that he is authorized to use them for advertising. The advertiser shall be responsible for the contents and truthfulness of the data contained in his offer and made available in the advertisement through the Internet.

The company Introspektus d.o.o. and the portal Palmsbeach1 reserve the right to refuse the publication of a banner or any other advertising material the content of which is improper, which is linked to pages of improper contents or pages of unlawful content. The portal Palmsbeach1 is not liable for the correctness, truthfulness and/or up-to-dateness of the contents and/or the information that are published in the advertising materials.

The client ordering the advertisement guarantees that he will not include any trademarks, logos, ads or promotion materials of third parties, unless the parties conclude a different agreement.
The purchased advertising space may not be assigned for use to any third party unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Technical solutions and content

All technical and conceptual solutions that are applied in implementing the advertisements on Palmsbeach 1 are the property of the portal Palmsbeach1 and the company Introspektus d.o.o. except for those solutions applied by the client ordering such advertising.

Publication of the advertisement

The advertisement can be published within 24 hours upon delivery, if it is provided in one of the 6 official languages of the portal. Otherwise, the advertisement will be published within 48 hours because of the time it takes to have it translated and administered with the different languages. Palmsbeach1 reserves the right not to publish the advertisement in case it does not comply with the technical specifications. The registration for publication shall take place no later than 72 hours before the realization.

Thank you, we look forward working with you.

Introspectus d.o.o.  &  Palmsbeach1 tim

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