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This document is a binding contract between Palmsbeach1 portal and advertisers that decide to purchase any one of its services. Creator of this document is Introspectus Ltd. marketing agency, Farkasevac 130, 10344 Farkasevac. Company is registered at Commercial court in Zagreb, registration number: 080790985, OIB: 40911113067, IBAN: HR3923600001102270905. Director Sanja Sekulić.

General terms of service

Palmsbeach1 portal provides its users with a venue where they can submit classified adverts and it also focuses on providing online marketing services. While using Palmsbeach1, you are agreeing to the following terms and services and also to any laws that are applicable in your country of residence. Terms of service can be a subject of change. We will notify our users via email every time that a change has been made to the terms of service so that they are kept up to date every time. If you don't agree with our terms of service we ask you to refrain from using our website. We are not responsible for any kind of damage caused by information that's available on our website.

Article 1 - Intellectual property

Introspectus Ltd. operates using Palmsbeach1 portal, websites affiliated with it and all of their social network profiles. All the content posted to our websites is protected as intellectual property of their respective owners. Any copying or usage of said content without prior approval by the owner is not allowed and could lead to legal action taken those who decide to break our contracts.

Article 2 - User responsibilities

Individuals who submit classifieds automatically give guarantees that the content that they've submitted is their own, or that they've been authorized to use the content by the actual owner. Responsibility for truthfulness of information that's submitted next to adverts rests solely on the user.

Article 3 - Inappropriate content

Palmsbeach1 reserves the right to not show banners or other advertising materials that it deems as inappropriate. Same thing is applied for links that lead to inappropriate or illegal content. If a user submits questionable content, content is removed as soon as its detected. Users also run the risk of having their account terminated or being registered to appropriate agencies in case the law is broken.

Article 4 - Correctness of information

Responsibility for accuracy, truthfulness and up-to-dateness of information and/or content published on the Palmsbeach1 portal rests completely on the user. Palmsbeach1 isn't responsible if information that's not correct is published by individuals who are submitting adverts for the products or service that they are offering.

Article 5 - Quality guidelines

Classifieds that are submitted to and its associated portals must not contain markings, logos or promotional materials owned by third parties not unless said party has given express permission to use their content for promotional content. Advertising space bought on Palmsbeach1 isn't possible to transfer to third parties, not unless a special reason has been given by the individual involved in the trade.

Article 6 - Ordering paid advertising

Our paid packages, which are can be ordered directly from the website offer more advanced methods of advertising. We currently accept Paypal, local bank transfers and international transfers. Payment deadline ordering a service is 8 days since the service has been ordered. Advertisers who fail to make a payment during the payment deadline run the risk of paying additional penalties. You can read more about ordering our services over here.

Article 7 - Currencies

Prices on the Palmsbeach1 portal are expressed in euros (EU). Other currencies like the Croatian kuna are also available. When you're making payments from abroad our system performs automatic currency conversion. If you want to know how much will a certain advertising package costs expressed in your native currency, use our currency converter which can be found over here.

Article 8 - Guarantees

Palmsbeach1 gives guarantees that your ads are gonna be seen by an international audiance. Our portal is available in English, German and Croatian languages, so they're covering a large segment of the world market. If you're interested in one of our paid packages, note that they also include advert translation by our team which means that you'll be able to reach an ever wider audience with your advert. Exact number of visitors changes each day, so it's not possible for us to give you exact number, but currently on all our portals, we're receiving tens of thousands of visitors each month.


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