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Palmsbeach1 is a web portal for global marketing.

We are providing for our clients a venue where they can either place individual advertisements, for private individuals, classifieds, personals, etc, or they can use Flat rate packages, for commercial entities. We offer packages of up to 60 ad slots for agencies and companies. We can be mediators in the sales/purchases of real estate, automobiles, boats, promotion of tourism related services and employment. Our clients can get a wide range of various different types of advertisements, website development and internet marketing services.

Over 100.000 clients visits Palmsbeach1 every month in search for real estate, yachts, cars, companies, tourist destinations i employment. Palmsbeach1 does not charge any fees. Potential client messages are sent directly to you via email, and they are also stored on our servers. Everything is in our safe hands so that you don't miss out an opportunity to make a sale. Use Palmsbeach1 and search for real estate, boats, cars, companies, tourist accommodation and employment in any country of the world.

I already have a website, why do I need services offered by Palmsbeach1?

You already have a website of your own? That's great. Registration on Palmsbeach1 can help you get more use out of it. By connecting your website with Palmsbeach1, You can attract more visitors to Your website, which will in turn help You achieve better rankings in Google. Google likes links to your website, which it counts as "upvotes" for your website.

Why promote real estate, yachts, charter, automobiles, companies, tourism related services and jobs on Palmsbeach1?

Sell faster! Rent faster! Find the job of your dreams faster! Increase Your chances for real estate, automobile or company sales. Find the job that you're interested in or change your career. Large number of visitors and potential buyers visits Palmsbeach1 every month. They are all selling and buying, and it just might be that some of them are looking whatever it is that you have to offer. Don't miss out on a great opportunity. Allow Yourself to be discovered.

Palmsbeach1 opens up great opportunities for You to find clients on international markets.

In case that you're living and that you own real estate in countries like Mexico, Belize, Brazil or somewhere in Asia, central and southern America or Africa, it's not easy for international buyers to find Your advertisement. In some cases, buyers from Your own country cannot find what you're offering.

Advertise with Palmsbeach1 for free without commissions. When You register an account with Palmsbeach1, all inquiries from potential buyers will be forwarded directly to you. This means that You won't have to deal with agents or pay any kind of fees when You make a sale. You get to keep all the hard earned money.

Secure a better deal. If local markets are in a recession, by registering an account on Palmsbeach1 you open up new markets and new possibilities. Buyers from other countries might be more willing, or in a better position, to pay for your real estate, automobile or car, than local buyers would be.

How exactly can I help my business with Palmsbeach1 portal?

Don't worry, it's very simple! With Palmsbeach1 You can easily create a profile for the entire assortment of real estate, cars, jobs and other ads that you might have. Profile can be created in just a couple of minutes and your buyers and potential clients will find You with the same amount of ease. With us You can also order development of professional web sites.

Simply fill out a form with all the details about your advertisements and offers, press a button and that's it. It's also very simple to add up to 9 images, text description and also Your contact information, so that potential buyers can get in touch with you. You will also get detailed statistical information about visits to your ad page, so that you can keep track of how popular your advertisements are. By accessing Palmsbeach1 portal, You can edit your profile and submitted offers no matter where you are, 24/7, without having to wait for changes to be made by someone else. You'll enjoy the freedom and control that you get when administering your Palmsbeach1 profile.

What about marketing? Don't worry, Palmsbeach1 has you covered!

Your Palmsbeach1 page/user profile is gonna be optimized immediately after it is published. Website address is gonna be submitted to all the established and popular search engines, without any participation from your part. Your registration is also gonna be visible on search engines like: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape and others, so that we can bring you closer to potential buyers and business partners. Palmsbeach1 profile can be easily linked from other websites, the address is short and easy to remember. We also offer combined advertisement, where You are promoted online and in printed publications on a daily and weekly basis. We will present Your offer with great ease to newspapers and other publications, so that you can get the maximum out of Your promotional campaign.

We are offering the following advertisement packages:

Free demo advertisements for individuals 

Demo advertisements for individuals. They are great for everyone who would like to get their feet wet and get familiar with how Palmsbeach1 portal works. Demo ads are intended for sale or lease of accommodation, houses, apartments, and all other types of real estate, boats, vehicles....Every advertisement is visible right away online!

Private advertisement type Profesional

Single advertisements for private individuals. This ad type is perfect for everyone who would like to advertise the sale or leasing of homes, apartments, other types of real estate, yachts, etc. Instant activation.

Flat rate for commercial entities

Flat rate advertisement packages are aimed at agencies that deal with real estate, car saloons, companies, and anyone else who's a commercial middleman for a large number of sales. That's exactly the reason why we have our Holiday Flat rate advertisement packages. They are custom made and can be adjusted to Your needs, order an optimal Flat rate advertisement package at affordable prices. As soon as everything is setup, your ads are released to the public and they are visible to the entire world. In order for you to be able act fast and customize advertisements later on, you get an account and login information with which you can control your submissions. Change or add new information in just a few mouse clicks. Inform more about our Holiday Flat rates (via phone or e-mail) or order now. Prices for new registrations and extensions for existing clients and partners can be found here. Flat Rate advertisement packages are valid and will be active for an entire year.

How to get started?

It's simple!

1. Become a registered member at Palmsbeach1. Pick an advertisement package that You want and which is best suited for your needs.

2. Create a profile, upload images and fill out the contact information.

3. Pay online using your favorite credit/debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

4. Your advertisements are visible right away and available for thousands of visitors and buyers from all over the world.

Hurry up!

Buyers and potential clients could be visiting You right now.

Click here to register an account with Palmsbeach1!

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